A Word from Our Founders


I had the privilege of being in Malawi when we set up the Beit Cure International Hospital in 2002. One of our aims at that time was to offer high quality surgical care to the poorest of the poor children of the country who needed orthopaedic surgery. At the same time we recognised a need for first world level private orthopaedic surgery for both adults and children, and we developed a service that covered most common orthopaedic conditions including arthroscopy, total hip & knee replacement, and fracture fixation. I am pleased to say that the high standards we set in the early days have been continued and even elevated. The Beit CURE International Hospital continues to attract private patients from all over Malawi and also from neighbouring countries, and the hospital continues to be a source of excellence in clinical care and in training, with regular input from International Faculty.


Professor Jim Harrison


The Beit Cure International hospital in Blantyre, Malawi has served the community since 2002 and undertook its first joint replacement operation in 2003. Since then, more than 300 hip and knee replacement operations have been performed there with outstanding results. Operations are conducted by internationally trained surgeons and nurses using imported top international implant components. Post-operative care and rehabilitation is also undertaken by a similarly trained multidisciplinary team. Careful documentation of the results in the short and longer term have demonstrated dramatic improvement in joint pain and function that have been sustained over subsequent years.
As well as joint replacement the hospital offers a range of keyhole arthroscopic procedures and also fixation of fractures. Again the team are fully trained and equipped to deliver world-class outcomes.
These services can be obtained at very competitive prices.
The hospital runs as a Christian charity and margins made on adult care help provide free care to the needy children of Malawi. This special arrangement facilitates the unique caring atmosphere of the hospital, making it the top regional choice for orthopaedic and fracture care.
Having served for 10 years at BCIH, and now working in the UK National Health Service, I am delighted to recommend BCIH and would be pleased to use its services for myself and my family.