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Get the New Cook Book

The Guesthouse has four rooms- a single room with a double bed, an en-suite family room with a double bed and single bed, a shared room with three single beds, and a shared room with two single beds.

Being equipped with a kitchen, dining room, and shared living area, the Guesthouse is the ideal place to stay if you’re looking for somewhere like home. Our spacious garden and porch has always been a highlight amongst our guests.

Being inside the actual Beit Cure International Hospital complex has many advantages. As a diverse, international hospital with a fantastic cafe, you are sure to meet both residents and visitors from all around the world. You can also arrange a tour of the hospital with our accommodation manager and have a unique opportunity to meet the children you are helping by staying at our Guesthouse.

As a hospital founded on Christian values, all our rooms at the Guesthouse are same sex sharing unless booked by a married couple. Shared rooms can be booked as single rooms with a premium.

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