Complex Trauma Fixation

Trauma refers to a physiological wound caused by an external source. Traumatic injuries include fractures, dislocations, and separations.

To ensure effective healing and restoration of normal function of the joint and bones, fractures and dislocations must be restored to their correct alignment. This medical procedure is referred to as fixation, a method of immobilizing bones to allow a fracture to heal. This is usually done by inserting pins or screws adjacent to the fracture.

Internal Fixation

Internal Fixation refers to the surgical implementation of implants in order to repair a fractured bone. These implants may include screws and plates, or intramedullary rods.

External Fixation

Where possible, the fractured bone may be immobilized externally. This is achieved by placing pins or screws into the bone on both sides of the fracture. The pins are secured outside the skin with clamps and rods, which are called “external frames”. This provides the advantage of being minimally invasive and is quickly and easily applied.