Caroline Leonard

Retired Nurse, Zimbabwe
"The preparation was absolutely perfect and the operation went extremely well – having been in the medical service myself, I found it second to none. I have never come across such cheerful staff, right from the matron to the cleaners, the level of cleanliness everywhere is impeccable and the grounds are beautiful. It was also most satisfying that our fee might help some little child get treatment."

Robert Rose

Retired Businessman, Harare, Zimbabwe
“The team at CURE are motivated and more importantly they care, and that impressed me. There is a modern, competent, friendly and cheerful atmosphere – a relaxed confidence all along the process, but no arrogance. It was the best hospital I’ve been to in my life, and their whole approach is very people-sensitive."

David Paul

Insurance Broker, Blantyre
"I’ve been using CURE for a couple of years…it’s nice to be treated as a person and not a number. I had alternative surgery recommendations given to me that I didn’t get in Cape Town."

Esau Kanyenda

International Football Player, Malawi
"I was injured while playing for the Malawi National Team against Tunisia. The national team doctor referred me straight to CURE because of the good doctors and good facilities, which I soon saw for myself. It is of international standards and is definitely one of the best hospitals in Malawi."

Victor Jere

Lawyer, Malawi
"Overall I’d say my experience here at CURE has been more than amazing – all the staff here are very friendly, professional and at the same time, very encouraging."